Monday, February 13, 2012

Recipe for an awesome Pt . Englander

Recipe for a awesome Pt. Englander !!!!

Ingredients !!!!!


2.Doing the right thing

3.Using your W.I.T.S

4.Taking charge

5. Helping your Friends

How to use the ingredients:

1. Respect - Respect your teachers and friends .
Respect your teacher and yourself by doing your work .

2. Doing the right thing - By doing the right thing you have
to be a good class member and listening to the Teacher .

3.Using your W.I.T.S - Use your W.I.T.S means you have to stay out of
trouble and and it also means to be good and walk away .

4.Taking charge -Take charge means to take care of your stuff and take care
of your Netbook by putting it in it Netbook bag .

5. Helping your friends - Helping your friends means to take care of your friends as well
as being there friend .

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