Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Frog Adventure

Frog Adventure

1. What makes this place so desirable for the frogs?
Because no one Knows where it is ….

2. Find antonyms (opposites) from the text
empty , Full Full , empty
adult ,  KidKid , adult
first , LastLast , first
top , Bottom Bottom , top
small , BigBig , small
up , Down Down , up
different , Same Same , different
in front , Back Back , in front

3. List 10 verbs (doing words) from the text
1 Jumping                        
2 Walking
3 Running
4 Drawing
5 Eating
6 Racing
7 Dancing
8 Biking
9 Skateboarding
10 Rollerblading

4. Put 5 of these verbs in your own complex sentence (the sentence can be about anything)  I was running to school to play on my net book, as I got there I stared drawing on tux paint.  Then at morning tea I was eating and jumping around the play ground, Then I dance all the way home.

On the first day of school I was so excited that I went Jumping around the house . Then I had to sit down and eat my food , After that I went running to school like crazy . As i got there I started dancing through the coral door into my class room and out the door . Then for fitness we went running  . My day was cool as I got home I went biking out the door and to my school . . . . . . .

5. Create an acrostic poem for the word HIGH GATE, using one key word for each letter. For each word write a small phrase which explains this word and it’s reason for being there.
e.g: H olidays - with Nana and Poppa every holiday
In side-  a pond is where you can see frogs.
Going - to see frogs are scary.
Hunting- for frogs are cool.
Gully's- are hills that go up and down.
Animals - like frogs can camouflage like chameleons .
Taking- frogs home is sort of a good idea\i.
Eating- frogs are yuck.
          Holiday - with Nana and Papa
          In side - a pound where you can see some frogs
          Getting close - to the frogs were really scary
          Eating - But eating frogs were really yuck
          Hunting - and Hunting for hours and arouse we fanliy reached the pound  

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