Monday, February 13, 2012

Josh and the Tooth Fairy

1. Where do you put your teeth for the tooth fairy?
Under the pillow

2. What does the tooth fairy leave for you? What do you do with it?
The tooth fairy gave Josh one dollar . And Josh goes and spends it .   

3. What sort of farm does Josh live on?\
He lived in a country farm

4. Write a question to match each of these answers:
a. a small pile of hay

b. two huge chompers:two huge chompers a huge tooth

c. a glass of water : Josh left his tooth in a glass of water

d. shiny gold coin : Josh left his tooth under the pillow and the tooth fairy came an gave him a shiny gold coin .

e. the tooth fairy : A tooth fairy is something that will leave you money
if you put your tooth under you pillow  

5. Why do you think dad chose to put his ‘big cow tooth’ underneath the mat in the kitchen?
So he can get a 1$ and spend it .

6. Why do you think the Tooth Fairy had left a small pile of hay?
Because Josh use to live in a farm with hay .

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