Friday, May 8, 2015

Nesian Fusion Assembly - Zeal Zone

Not long ago, the whole school experienced the Nesian Fusion Performance. The Year 7&8 block was especially lucky cause they got to encounter work shops after the performances. Students from Howick College along with their teacher gave us, year 7&8 students the chance to learn key features in their performance like Fire Dance, Ailao Dancing (Samoan Stick Dancing), and lastly learn about the background's of each costume they wore.

My friends and I were very fortunate to work with one of New Zealand's Artist, Poet, and Jewellery designer Rosanna Raymond, she gave us information on specific costumes as well as Jewellery, there was on specific jewellery that really intrigued me. The Necklace. It had Pig Horns, little Shark Teeth and Brains of Shark. 

I learnt that back then some of the clothing you would think was bad, but everything has a story behind it. Back in the day Men and Women in the island would just wear Bottoms and Tops *Crop* and just walk around,  due to the hot hot weather.

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