Friday, August 1, 2014

Diving Description - Explanation.

Our task was to make 4 sentences using the word 'The Diver Balanced' in all 4 sentences. Then we asked to chose on of the 4 sentences and use it, in making a paragraph. We only had to make 1 paragraph. Shortly after we had done our paragraph, Ms Squires read out a story, and we had to list down the Key words and re write the whole thing in our own words. Check mine out!

  • With concentration, the diver balanced steadily on the diver board.
  • Perfectly symmetrical the diver balanced twist and turns it was a clean entry.
  • Standing at the edge of the platform the diver was steadily balance.

Nothing on her moved except for her feet, the diver balanced

She climbed up the ladder with concentration steadily walking along the platform, she look towards the left side the crowd was waiting anxiously. The diver’s feet was on the edge of her platform, she look straight and then leaped off. Perfectly symmetrical she made gold winning twist and turns, what a clean entry.
Diving Explanation
Diving is an Sport, that is jumping or falling into water from a high Platform or Springboards, while performing acrobatics. Diving is a sport recognized and is part of the Olympic games. Diving is a pastime. Diving is one of the most popular Olympic sports that has spectator. Competitors sometimes has the same characteristics as a gymnastics dancer, which includes Strength, Flexibility, Kinaesthetic, and air awareness judgement. Some divers who are professional are divers we are normally gymnasts or dancers. These sports have similar characteristic to diving.

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