Friday, August 1, 2014

Assmbly - Drumming.

Walking into assembly I could see 2 loads of drums. One Cook Island drum, and one normal drum. What is happening? I asked myself, slowly walking to our seating place, I saw some of the Cook Island drummers. ‘Were probably going to have a drum off.’ I said in my head. I took my seat and look towards the front, another fun assembly.

We were up to the Duffy certificates. Every Time we had out Duffy certificates, we always have a special person as the Hand Shaker, and for today our Hand Shaker was Mr Sargent. There was 5 more minutes till the Duffy Awards were done. The last person got called up, ‘Finally’ I said in my head.

Mr Sargent made his way up the stairs, and that’s where the drumming begun. He first started of slowly, just to try get the rhythm of it, then it started going faster and faster. He hit the Cymbal and then he was done, ‘That was pumping’ I said in my mind. Then it was time for a swap over, it was island drumming now.

The Cook island drumming was great, nothing like normal drumming. The shapes were funny looking, but it was part of their culture. As soon as they started playing, I could see that they were tired, but no Sweat come from either players.

Once both groups were done, both played at the same time. It was terrific! At one point Mr Sargent, grabbed 2 of his drum set and dragged it towards the other side, then he started wobbling his legs, and shaking his hips. Perfecto!

Overall assembly this morning was great, we enjoyed both group drummers.

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