Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Pt England Way.

In Pt England every year we always start the year of with a topic and it is called the Pt England Way.  If you're actually wondering what is the Point England way? The Pt England Way is  a set of values, Behaviours and attitudes.  

The Pt England way started in the 2000 and was approx finally established in 2001. A teacher out of the staff back then who helped create some of the ideas was Miss Malaysia. She came up with some ideas that still exists till this day.

Mainly the Pt England way was made, to help student behave, learn new things and at the same time to have fun. Most people believe that our Pt England way, has a connection to the Treaty of Waitangi.

The 3 P's that was involved in the waitangi is also in our Pt England way. The 1st is Protection, which means to protect others in our school, looking after the little ones.

2nd is Partnership, which means working together being able to work in group and work collaboratively. Third Participation, which means being involved in things, being part of everything and just being involved.

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