Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Outta of this world

Saturn is one of the Pretty's planet . It also has ring . And did you know that Saturn it a very cool planet because it is on of the GAS GIANT a Gas Giant is on of the biggies planet in our solar system .

one of the Problem’s on Saturn is that there is no oxygen it also has no water so if you go onto Saturn you will only last for about 4 min then you will died .

Here's one of my ideas for water . you can build a pipe and connect it to Earth . once you have done that you can connect the other half onto Saturn . And then the water will run thought the pipe and it will end up at Saturn .

Another way to solve water problems could be you can take space suits full of water so when ever you need a drink you could pull the Handel up and the you will get a drink .

Another way to fix this problem is to build a tree and the make look like a water bottle then make the outside look Green and then make a big straw then you can drink as much as you can .

one of the best ideals is to take a space suits full of water because you can survive and also because you can drink much and you can make Saturn a better palace to live . with water .

I can’t wait until 2450 because I am going to make it in to a better place to live and there will be some water for me to drink and there is also going to be some air Even though I did not in include it in my story .

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