Monday, November 7, 2011

Alien snot

“OOH yucky Alien snot ” I shouted . Are you serious's Miss King “yes” I’m serious said Miss King . Running through our hands Room 13 felt very unlikely that we will never make Alien snot .

If your wanting to know how to make Alien snot here are some Tips . Step , 1 Grab 1 cup of cornflour and pour in to an bowl . Then Step , 2 Is to add a cup of water BUT only HALF a cup . Then sept , 3 Add a little bit of Green food coloring . Then the last bit of all Step , 4 Grab a wooden spoon and stir till soft .

Mixing the cornflower and water together I realized that it had turned soled green , After Miss King powered the food coloring I stared mixing it as I mixed my team mates started pouring there hands in .

“YES” I shouted this horrible day had end in an YUCKY snot day .

1 comment:

  1. Hello Lesieli! You have done a great job giving us instructions to make alien snot - everyone needs to know how to make it :) Next time you write about something like that you could talk about what it felt like - was it gooey, sticky, lumpy or smelly? Great job.