Friday, August 26, 2011


Donna our coach , lead us for some fun and enjoyable Badminton.Having a fun and enjoyable time led us for badminton .swing the racket round and round i Finley got it in to the cone.

Moving on to the next tasks was underarm backhand and also forehand . Swing the racket and missing a shuttle i hope the finale one i will get it . As it was got close a to me i saw the shuttle pong i herd “i did ” As I said to myself .

Our next task was doing the trick shot . The trick shot was so trick maybe that way they called it the trick shot .The Trick shot is a serve were you have to put it under your legs and hit the shuttle . Spectacular i got . “Yeppp” i said in my head .

Then next task was a game it was not any game it was called Badminton soccer . First i was one of the demonstrate . One of the other play was MaryH . The rules a when you get it over the net you get a goal but if you hit the net that means your out. Game on it was boys aganis girls

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