Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Show Not Tell.

Keri rubbed her sweaty Palms together as she waited on the Carpet for her to be called, with sweat rolling down her face she had no chance but to run to the bathroom, for Tissues. But by the time she got back the teachers had left. Was she in the Netball Team?

“No you're too young” Emily’s sister said. Emily ran thru the hallway
She kicked open the room door, letting it slam against the wall as she dashed into her room bed. Falling onto the bed you could see tears streaming down her face. Looking in the mirror you could see her face was red. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

She jumped up and down, run up and down the stairs, she couldn't help it she was getting a new dress. “Yo, sista were nearly going” With sweat streaming down her face, she go anxious”Mum I can’t find my shoes.  Mary was running everywhere looking for her shoes, she looked down her wrist where her watch sat. “Ohh noh the shop is closing soon!” Her heart was pounding fast as possible. Was she going to make it in time? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
He looked at the timer only 1 minute left on the clock. The ball went over Kyles head and into Tama’s hands. There was 3 penalty shots, she misses every show and his team loses. His heart was beating fast “What are the boy going to say” he said to himself. “Tama, you couldn't even get a score” Tama, turned around crunched his fist together and Kyle was out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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