Monday, April 23, 2012

My trip to Sydney

I never thought this day will come . News went around the house saying that we a goona go to Sydney I wanted to scream but I knew my mum will say to be quiet . Walking into my room I quietly said “ Finally freedom has come ” .

On the very first day we went to the Beach . It was a lovely hot day the scorching sun shined down on us as we approached the beach . When it was time for Lunch me and my brother sat down on the cold green grass, Then a moment later you could see a girl as fast as she could she even looked like a rolling meatball It was me  … “Were a you going” my mother shouted “ For a swim “ I answered . My brother was so tired so he wouldn't be bothered to come .

Me and my cousins played games while the other kids were down at the beach make muddy sculptures . It was lovely day .

Overall  I really felt Happy . My favourite part of our trip was when I got shot with some mud in my face it was really funny . But I really miss Sydney it was a fun and also are amazing trip I wish we could do this all over again .     

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  1. Very super cool story Lesieli. I love your first paragraph - you thought carefully about sentence beginnings and sentence types.
    Nice place to holiday too!