Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Straw Bridges

Guss what this morning our technology task was learning about making bridge out of triangles . After that Mrs king told us to get in to 4 or 5 groups when we got our team I was in Sela group , Iron , Mary , and Jordenne, and also Thea ‘s group . When we started we started of with squires then i had a idea my idea was to make a line and then make little triangles and then sect it on at the bottom of the line . So what we did was that we took of the squires and stared doing my idea . As it came to middle it me came hard because Mrs king said we had 5 minutes left . But the end the end was the worst bit because we had to put a big huge block on it and who eves bridges that can hold the block wins and the wining group was Gloria’s team

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