Friday, March 18, 2011

Year 5/6 Camp

Today room 13 had a peek at the year 5/6 campers and our teacher Miss King . When we got to the field we first looked at the cooking tent . In the cooking tent there were lots of . One of the parents was Levi's mum . Levi mum was helping chop the cumber. A
nother person was Bobby . Bobby is a nice parent . After that we went to the serving tent . The serving tent had 2 tables and a lot of forks and spoons . Next we looked at the marquee a marquee is a place that they can eat and watch a movie but if is a nice day they can eat outside . After we looked at this big tent we went and looked at the little and there were 40 or 42 tent .then we came back back with a mouth full of joy .

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