Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Video Conference with Hawaii.

Earlier today, the year 7&8 Extension group got the opportunity to have a Video Conference with two school's in Hawaii, Kea'au Elementary School and Nanakuli. One of the main purpose of our Video Conference was to learn about their schools, how they function, what they do, and how they do what they do. This conference is all leading up to the 24th of March where one of their waka's, Malama Honua is going to be landing on the Pt England shore. 

Kea'au Elementary School and Nanakuli is both located in Hawaii but in different areas, this was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with children and schools on the other side. To expand more on our knowledge on each other, we shared information about each of our schools, all schools made a presentation which had some of the key features on it, Native animals, Culture, Favourite places, their community, and other special places.

A school day for a Kea'au student isn't the same as New Zealand's school days, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays the start from 8:00am and continues to 2:10, which is a hour before Pt England Finishes. Then on Wednesdays school is from 8:00am to 1:20pm two hours just before we finish. 

 Nanakuli Elementary school, is a Hawaiian immersion school, so this means that all students who attend this school, are only taught in Hawaiian in all subjects. Nanakuli mission is to "Prepare all students think critically, problem solve, demonstrate civic responsibility and to meet or exceed the common core state standards"

Pele's Lava Flow was something that really intrigued me during our Video Conference. Pele is the fire goddess, on the left there is a map that shows were the lava is heading. The lava flow is very deadly and has said to claimed many homes, and caused people to move from their campus. 

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