Thursday, July 19, 2012

2012 Olympic.

With the 2012 Olympics approaching we have been learning about Equestrian is usually called  horse riding. But in other ways you can also so say Equestrian .

It takes a great deal of talent, know-how and training to win in equestrian sporting events. In order for you to play this event you will need a horse some knee pads helmets and some protective gear.

In order for you to win  you have to practise and practise and if you practice 3 times a day that will make you perfect and a gold medal performance.

Show jumping is a exactly like equestrian. this came into force in England this started in the 18th century.   

The horse made its first appearance at the first Olympic Games in 680.
this Olympic game was  the most exciting and spectacular event ever.

The Equestrian forced into the olympics in the 1912. This was one of the most spectacular Olympics out of the the 18 centuries.

First of all you will need to protect yourself so here a some stuff that you need .helmet, boots for you, a saddle, a bridle, boots for the horse, and most importantly, A HORSE! FOr space you will athe need a track or an stiline.

For Horse riding you will need these thing to become successful  , kindness, being trustworthy, thoughtfulness and a desire to 'give' rather than to always 'get.' My goal is to always be truly kind and helpful in all interaction.

A horse has to be at least nine to be in the equestrian olympic event!
Equestrian is the only sport when men and women compete against each other.The cross-country course in Eventing is between 5,700 and 6,840m long.

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