Friday, September 6, 2013

Getting to know more about me!

Hello, my name is Lesieli and I am in room 16, and I come from  a family of 6. I have 3 brother's and 2 sister's including me, there also is my mum and my dad. My Hobbies are playing sports, at school, I am most likely to be playing Netball, Rugby and Touch. In my spare time, I like to explore different things, such as Making Cupcakes, Cooking and more. My favourite thing to eat, is Butter Chicken with rice. The mall, has to be my favourite place. I am also really interested in listing to music. My Inspiration is Arian Grande-Butera.

"Bedo-Bedo-Bedo" Do you recognise that voice? Well, if you do, then I am going to tell you for a fact, the that is my favourite movie. My pet peeve are when people step on your shoe, while you are walking.  My favourite actor is  Quinton Aaron who acts on The Blind Side.

The most embarrassing moment that I ever had, Is when I was walking with my brother, and people were laughing at me, and I was wondering why! And that was because I had bird poo on my head! At School, I like to do a lot of blog posting! '

At school, I participate in 3 different things such as Rugby, Netball and, Ambassadors! At Lunch time and morning tea time, I like to play touch! In the future I would love to be a lawyer! But I would also like to be a part-time book writer! I am into long dress's and flora dress's.

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  1. I love your blog Lesieli! I also like the movie despicable me 2! I think you will make a GREAT lawyer someday! Keep up the wonderful work.

    Mrs Erasmus.